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Did you have to get out of bed or did you want to?

Are you excited to seize the day, or dreading the routine in which you feel stuck? Maybe you don’t even feel the need, or purpose, in getting out of bed. It’s just what you’re supposed to do!

I live to help people love the life they are making instead of just going to work or getting up with no passion or fuel for the day. My first day of feeling that way was when I knew that what I was doing was building something that would allow Lori, my wife, to stay at home with our first child and get us out of debt. We already had plans, but now we had a vehicle to get us there. For over a year, I had been going to work and seeing others either unhappy to be in “another day at the office” or sad because they were missing some life event with their family due to work. There were so few who seemed fueled and excited to be at work. This really bothered me.

At thirteen someone told me to figure out my “purpose in life”. That was way over my head at the time, but the message stuck. Purpose, or lack of purpose, both dramatically determine the amount of zeal and vigor present for the day at hand as you pursue life. Which one did you wake up with?

The key here is to get up, on a mission, that is in alignment with your unique purpose and passions. We partnered with a company whose mission is “inspiring healthy living around the world“. Lori and I decided to join that mission because it made a clear path for us to “make a life, not just a living“. We were all in then (20+ years ago) and I am probably more excited to wake up on that mission today more than ever. Now, I can help others do the same.

If you got up ready to seize the day, on a mission with passion and purpose, share your story with people. Let them knkow about the joy that brings you. Become contagious! We need a world where more people are excited to wake up and pursue making a great life. Everyone has a choice to continue feeling like they wake up treading water or to experience a kairos moment and begin to feel like a river forging its path.

It is my joy every day to be able to share a mission that is full of purpose and passion that makes me want to get out of bed feeling like a river, and on a journey to treading water no more.


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