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Help Someone Transform

Last night we got to witness our son Trey and his wife Katie in action. They are on staff with Young Life, and are currently on assignment at Sharp Top Cove as head leaders transforming the lives of 400 different high school students each week over the Summer. These are students that have been engaged at their schools during the past year with Young Life leaders who have invested in their lives. Now they have the opportunity to spend a week with them and share what it looks like to walk on this earth in a relationship with a Heavenly Father that loves them even more. VERY COOL!

Build a Business Where the Goal is Transforming Lives

Several years ago we started our business so Lori could stay at home as a mom. Little did we know that our tiny $1000/mo goal would end up so much bigger. We work with thousands every week who want to “make a life, not just a living”. That is way more than just a paycheck! We are hands on in life on life transformation by inspiring healthy living, building financial and time freedom, and daily being in a place to acknowledge that God owns it all. Being a steward of the time, money and relational capital He gives us is transforming lives.

Finding the Next Life to Transform

The joy and blessing comes from coming alongside the next life that is so desiring the transformed life you are displaying and they desire. Build a business where the goal is birthing a new and transformed person and family, and you will truly say you are blessed!

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