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True Leaders Don't Want Praise

How can you tell if someone is developing leaders or just creating more followers?

One key sign is that person’s need for praise and recognition. Someone who develops leaders quickly learns to praise others and let them get all of the attention and recognition for their success.

Some leaders never get beyond having followers. They always push for their followers to recognize them. They want to be praised in public and get credit for your success. Almost a “you couldn’t have done it without me” mentality. I call them “glory seekers”.

The long term result of this leadership style is dependency. No one ever gets released to soar. They are kept in or close to the “nest”. This is a very limiting style of leadership. It creates a comfort zone that puts a cap on your potential.

The biggest downfall of this leadership style is you never become the leader God created you to be. You become dependent on someone other than God as your source of courage, strength, safety, and peace. It almost seems like these people want to be worshiped.

We can all get sucked into following something that offers a solution. Just know that dependence on anyone but the one who created you is limiting the life He has for you.

Check to see if you are following someone who wants praise! You may find out that you are dependent on him/her instead of becoming strong on your own.

YOU can be an amazing leader, don’t continue to follow someone who wants praise and credit for who you have become. Just let God know how much you appreciate His love and who He created you to be.

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