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In today’s busy world it seems that the “iWorld” wants us to believe that there is an app for any problem to be solved.  The task you have at hand can be done more efficiently, more quickly, and in a way more cool fashion if you just have an “idevice” with the right app.  Whether its Apple, AT&T, the app developer or an “ifanboy”… they are continually letting the world know.  Can that really be true?

Well… my entire family has an “idevice”… so we might be in more of the “ifanboy” camp than most.  And yes, we have been sucked into the dreaded “its only $0.99” why not give it a try.  That has cost lots over time that made it seem painless and has an itunes library chunked full of apps.  Did they really solve the worlds problems… no, but they really do help manage the details of life in one tiny device.

Here’s the real scoop though… one of my top priorities is BEING A DAD.  For me and my wife… our 3 children are treasured gifts from God with whom we have great responsibility.  At one time, changing the diaper or food was our biggest task.  That seemed overwhelming at the time, but the teenage years bring greater responsibility and needed wisdom.  Its no longer the mechanics of fulfilling the task of feeding and bowel movements…now the investment of time and Godly wisdom is critical and must be given before they are 18…off to college and on their own.

To this point there is no app to do this for me.  It takes a heart bent towards God with a desire strong enough be still before Him and receive the infinite wisdom He will so willingly share.  It also takes management and prioritizing of my time so that I have the quality and quantity of time to invest in the lives of these 3 treasures.  The chronos time (that passing moments, days, & weeks) are going to seem brisk, but I must make sure that I see the kairos time (those opportune moments that must be seized) which God will put before me as a dad.

This is where my life motto has really kicked in…“make a life, not just a living”.  When we started our business…initially it was to allow my wife to stay at home with our first child.  We could not have afforded for her to quit her secretarial job at the time without some sort of home-based income that she could provide.  CHECK… we accomplished that.  But now the real benefit is in that neither of us has to trade hours for dollars.

We made a decision, months after we had replaced her income at the bank and brought her home… to take it to another level.  We began to understand that an investment now to create a business that could generate income through a micro-network of relationships would allow us time freedom.  We had way too many friends that were anchored to the hours at a job to create the income for their families.  This was huge for us…

Now we are able not only to enjoy that position, but share that journey and create that for others.

The question to ask yourself is not whether you can or not, but whether you understand the value of your time enough to create a desire in you to do something about it.  In the big scheme of things… are you making a life or just making a living???

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