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Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time. That was in 1989 when I met Curt Beavers and hung on to every word he had to say so Mickey and i could build a RESIDUAL INCOME business. Now over 25 years later, Curt and I are able to get together and give you our thoughts of 50+ years in the nework marketing business and what is necessary to achieve a high level of success. The 7 E’s are the components that can fuel your business to a level beyond your comprehension. 50+ years of combined network marketing experience in a 55 minute training. Thank you Curt for your wisdom and continued leadership and the way you ‘give’ to so many. Keep punching!!Kerry Daigle

hosted by Kerry Daigle


Curt Beavers

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Curt Beavers – The 7 “E’s” to a Successful 2015 (Download MP3)

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