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imageIf you are reading this, there are probably numerous reasons I am thankful for you in my life. When we live in a world where we are so blessed, sometimes, what much of the world would consider a huge life altering benefit is an expectation. I pause right now to thank our creator for all that he has bestowed upon us! Also, to pray for the world and those that are in so much need at this same moment.

I consider knowing all of my family and wonderful relationships at the top of my list apart from my Heavenly Father. His unconditional love blows my mind everyday.

May this year behind us pale in comparison to what is in store for all of us tomorrow and beyond.

Thank you for being my friend. May our lives connect more deeply soon so that we can be more of whom He created us to be. Let’s build a better life together.

“All things are possible thru Christ who gives us strength.” Phil 4:13

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