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When we started our business all we knew was that we needed 40 customers and 5 on our team. We ran on blind faith, as if to put out hell with a squirt gun! We got our 40 and 5 the first month. Over 20 years later, that 40 and 5 are hundreds of thousands in over 20 countries.

We succeeded because we had clear and simple instructions and not a manual to read and decipher.

A pretty smart man once said;

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. Albert Einstein

My mentor understood our business so well, he made it simple.

Today, we have over 30 research studies, but what is more impactful than stating “it’s fruits & veggies in a capsule & a gummie”? Then ask, “are you & your kids eating enough?” AND “Did you know your kids can get it FREE!”

Our business is so simple, we even made a video to explain the simplicity.

You won’t succeed alone if you want to stop trading hours for dollars. So, you better be able to make it simple enough to share with others.

Do you understand what you’re doing well enough to make it simple?

PS – Today, you better understand it to keep it SIMPLE, but you better be able to deliver it MOBILE. (This entire post created start to publish from my iPhone).

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