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I am grateful that someone cared enough to push me. Looking back, without the moment that I was pushed over the edge, the life my family enjoys today would have never happened. Sometimes, it is a push from a trusted colleague or friend, sometimes it is the result of a situation, and sometimes you hear that still small voice of God say NOW!

You can call those moments what you like, but I call them KAIROS moments. They can change you forever, but many are so busy they miss the opportunity. The busyness of routine keeps them distracted from that moment and from their potential.

Are you at a place where you need a push? Maybe you are at a place where you are soaring and can give someone else the push they need.

Watch the eagle in action. Teaching the next generation to soar is not easy, but it must be done!

This is why I love helping people “make a life”! Because, then we can soar together.

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