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What are you diligent at pursuing and working hard at on a daily basis?

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Budgeting Your Money
  • Managing Your Calendar
  • Sleep
  • etc

That would be the typical list for most people. I never see or hear people talking about how they work hard on a daily basis working on their relationships or relational capital. It is the most important thing in the world to me. It begins with my relationship with God, my heavenly father. Next is the relationship with my wife for life, then my kids, family, friends, etc. I think about how can I better stay in touch with the relationships in my life through face to face, telephone, text, email, Facebook, Twitter, ….. its a daunting task today, but never more important.

We have lots of tools to make this happen today than ever. My number one tool is my iPhone (smartphone). I have it with me all the time. Like the old AT&T commercial, “Reach Out and Touch Someone”, with my iPhone…I can do it wherever and whenever I choose.

Here is a great article on Forbes about developing a 15 minute habit that can transform your relationships. I saved it as a PDF for easy reading too.

It is very important to me to also organize my address book (some sort of database) and social media accounts so that I can easily reach out and touch those relationships, too. Actually, most of my new customers and partners in my business over the last 24 months have involved social media interaction for initial connection, education, or ongoing communication of some sort. Recently, I added a great tool called VOXER (username is curtbeavers), to quickly connect with my family and friends in an interactive and quick manner. Its the old “walkie talkie” on steroids. Not for every occasion, but definitely serves a need.

I use Twitter to receive and share areas of interest with those I follow and those that choose to follow me. Actually, I have a personal and business Twitter account.

I would love to connect with you anytime. All of us can do so much more together than we could ever do on our own. Whether its business, family, personal, ministry, hunting, fishing, running, or just something fun. Lets see how our combined relational capital can influence the next generation!

Lets connect – in the top right in the side bar you can find me online.

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