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30 years ago, Jay Martin planted seeds in my life when he gave Lori and I a chance we never thought possible. My mom and uncle then took those seeds and planted them too.

Now, our small family business is in all 50 states and 20+ countries.

Jay is a person with vision for business and compassion for people. A rare combination. Most driven business leaders run over people to get what they want, but not Jay. He built the Juice Plus+ Company knowing that the people were the only thing that really mattered.

In 50 years, and now over 20 countries later, this billion-dollar company still puts the people before the spreadsheets, product, and profit. He knows and has taught me, that the people in your life are your number one asset and resource.

For Lori and I, that translated into learning that the key to building a successful business was running with people not over them.

Many times Jay would be speaking to us and jokingly use the term “my people.” I never took that to mean that we belonged to him, but just the opposite. It meant that he was with us. He and the company would always be there and have our backs. We were not only totally together on a mission that would feed our families, raise our kids and fuel an amazing lifestyle, but most importantly, let us build something together. It was something none of us could ever do alone.

The power is and will always be in the people. No matter how great technology gets….it will never surpass the power of the people.

Today, I am more excited than ever about our business. We are changing lives every day with better health and a business that helps you “Make A Life.” It’s not a job that consumes your life only to make a living. It’s also a platform from which your life can be built.

With Jay ever-present as the Founder and President, he has assembled leaders that continue that mission. Paulo Teixeira, our CEO, Sean Hopkins, our COO, and all of our leaders have inherited and embraced that principle. They run our billion-dollar company knowing the power is in the people. This rings true internally and externally. They’ve even created our clearly-defined missions. Yes, missions, plural.

Our bottom line continues to grow because we are inspiring healthy living around the world. Our value of people shines, as we inspire healthy giving around the world, as well.

An inspiration for healthy giving is just what happened to me eight years ago.

In the midst of Atlanta traffic, God prompted me and let me know that it was time to break the chains of traditional giving. It was a clear calling. “But I don’t have the resources of a billion-dollar company. And let’s be honest, with the needs in the world? That still isn’t enough,” I thought.

So what do you do? I thought back to Jay’s life lesson. The power is in the people. People together on a mission have no limits. Try to stop one of us? Fine. Try to stop all of us? Won’t happen.

Last Friday, the fruit of that God-moment in Atlanta traffic, the DollarFund, was born, and it was powered by the people!

Together, we will create a giving stream like never before with the limitless power of people with $1 and a mission.

A mission to change the world one dollar at a time, exponentially multiplied by the power of people. A movement that will change the world.

Become a founding member, and join the movement at DollarFund.org

Thank you,


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