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Making 2016 the best year ever is a battle between the old and the new!

January 1st is a Kairos Moment for everyone!

As a New Year unfolds before our eyes, we must make choices to seize the fresh start! Each of us will either make the right choices or we will have a year where we let the loudest and latest determine our path. As leaders we all have a limited amount of resources that we must invest to the maximum. This is way more about priorities than setting goals. We can set goals (a must for leaders), but we are constantly required to choose between many options.

Good is the Enemy of the Best

Effective leaders know that the good can be the greatest enemy of the best.  It is easy for most of us to choose between good and bad, but it will be the greatest of us that are effective this year in choosing the best over the good! 

Making this wise choice on a regular basis is greatly impacted by how well we are directed by our purpose and mission. There is a powerful parable in the Bible that talks about the “rich fool”. He decided to let wealth and his pursuit of it to be his mission in life. He died in that pursuit and never got to enjoy his riches. Our purpose has to be connected with the eternal! With whom and where will we spend the majority of our lives?

Focusing on the Past is the Enemy of the Future

The apostle Paul was super successful at prioritizing the choices in his life to have the greatest impact as a leader. He did this by focusing on the right things. But maybe an even more important glimpse at how he did this could help all of us this year. He decided not to focus on the past. He was determined not to let the things that occurred in the past to determine his future. In a letter he told the Philippians (Phil 3:12-14)

Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead,

He was not going to let events, actions of others, or things he couldn’t change determine the “altitude” of his future. He was called and was on a mission. The things that happened in the past could not be changed. He could see his purpose being fulfilled only by focusing on what was ahead. This is true with events as well as actions of others in your past.

Holding on to an offense of the past is like drinking poison and hopeing the other person dies! (1)

As a result of this clear message of wisdom, I had to ask myself a few questions:

  • Am I focused on the best and determined not to let the good keep me from pursuing it to the fullest?
  • Am I letting offenses of others or things in the past restrain me from the best that lies ahead?
  • Am I “on mission” and in pursuit of God’s purpose (best) for my life?

Pause for a moment and answer these questions. Identifying the enemy starts the battle for victory in the future.

Let’s decide together that we are not going to let the past or the good get in the way of 2016 being the BEST YEAR EVER!
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