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Successful people are on some type of “mission“. They have either joined a mission that already exists or they have started one of their own. Those who haven’t joined a mission can only contribute at a shallow level, without focus and impact.

Just like those companies in Jim Collins’ book, Good to Great, those going to great levels on a mission have learned two important skills:

How to MESSAGE their mission!
How to MULTIPLY their mission!


Messaging gets people into the funnel to potentially join the mission. Multiplication is the means by which you invest in others in order to expand the influence and impact of your mission.

Your message is a personalized version of the  big mission statement that allows you to attract with purpose and passion. What’s your “good news” you want to share with others. For example, my company’s mission statement is “Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World“. My personal message of embracing and sharing that mission is to do this personally and to inspire others to “Make a Life, Not a Living”. If you know me, this completely embodies my life purpose and intention, and it is in alignment with the mission of the company that I have partnered with to achieve my goals. You must learn to declare demonstrate your message.

Multiplication is the investment into others in order to go way beyond the influence you have alone. Momentum is established, and impact is greater than ever. This can be done in many ways, but it takes a willingness to identify, develop, & invest in others. In order to lead, you must invest in those you have messaged with direction>coaching>confidence>consultation.  Then they are able to deliver their own message and begin to multiply too.

Next time we connect, I’d love to share with you why I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that “making a life, not a living” is what God has called me to do personally and message to others!

What’s your 6 word story? Share it, so that you can better message your mission and bless others!


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