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Today, Lori and I celebrate our 28th anniversary. It’s hard to believe that 28 years can pass by that fast. God has blessed us in so many ways along the road we’ve traveled together for over a quarter of a century (does that make me old?…na). From His divine plans to bring us together to seeing our oldest get married to someone better than we knew how to pray. He brought our daughter,Hope out of many years of miscarriages and dropped Zach on our lap shortly thereafter. They are all a blessing in so many ways. As a family we do our best to put God first with a home and life that honors and glorifies Him. It is our joy to share the blessing of our marriage, home and family with those around the world with whom we deeply value our relational capital.

We are as committed today as when we said our vows, and we both know that the BEST IS YET TO COME!

It’s hard to believe, but we are also in our 27th year of building our business. The Juice PLUS Company is 45 years old and we joined them after they had been in business for 18 years. There was some thought of “did we miss getting in on the ground floor“, but that was quickly proven wrong. Our company has proven to be a launching pad for individuals and families whenever they are ready. Today, we are seeing more people build a residual income faster than ever before (I used to think we did it fast.). Talk about cool – I love helping the next generation of leaders find a platform on which to stand and RISE-UP (as we say in the ATL). Everyone wants time and money freedom and the health from which to enjoy it. It’s not hard but it definitely requires a commitment, not unlike the building of a strong marriage.

Lori and I are in this life together…. ALL-IN. Whether we’re raising kids, building our business, playing at the lake or focused on sharing the eternal benefits of KNOWING GOD and HIS KINGDOM we are making a life, we hope each of you cherish the wife (husband) of your life and too – MAKE A LIFE together.

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