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Do you lead by wanting all the credit?

It is so rare, but so magnetic, to see a great leader giving credit to those that have led before them. At some point we tire of hearing the leaders that are self promoters. You know that many have mentored, molded, and influenced them, but they never toot anyone’s horn other than their own.

The greatest leaders to me give credit where credit is due. This lets me believe that I too can be molded into the leader I desire to become. We shouldn’t just want to lead, but raise up the next generation of leaders that will follow. If others see that you were once in their shoes ready to be molded for leadership, they see themselves. By proclaiming those that birthed you as a leader…..others can see themselves in the womb of leadership to birth soon.

Here’s a great few lines from Michael Youseff

But Jesus was not driven, as so many leaders are today, by the need to receive credit, applause and attention. He was driven by love for the Father. Jesus acknowledged those who went before Him, including Abraham (see John 8:53) and Moses (see John 5:45-46). If we want to follow the leadership style of Jesus Christ, we must acknowledge others in the same Christ-like way He did.

Do you take time to acknowledge the contributions others make to your successes? If not, make a plan to personally and publicly thank God and these people.

I look back on my mom leading me to a knowledge and relationship with God as a starting point. She gave him all the credit and glory for our life (creation) and future (eternity). She fed me the Bible with my cereal! For this I am eternally grateful. Knowing God and that daily pursuit is the greatest gift we can ever pour into future leaders. Because of my mom, God is my only “true north”!

Many men stepped in to play a father role in my life after my parents divorce. Gary O’Malley, Steve Brown, Stan Bailey, Ryland Scott, Charles Stanley, Bruce Wilkinson, and Evan Jennings…just to name a few. They poured into me the example of a Godly man when their success stories deserved front page press.

Jay Martin has led me in business telling stories of who formed him into such a great visionary and igniter of people’s dreams. Paulo Teixeira is willing to lead thru change to make us rock solid for the future. Jeff Roberti shared the power of birthing a dream (from waiter to millionaire entrepreneur). Bob Burdick’s example of diligence and hard work is a life lesson for all to heed. Sharron Rankin’s example of pouring God’s Word into her community while running a successful business is priceless. Buddy Hoffman has loved me and laid out the fearless drive to birth what God has revealed to him to expand His Kingdom.

There are so many more.

Who has poured into you? One certainty, you didn’t pour into yourself. Is that what others see when they want to be a leader like you? If so, change that by showing others who led the path before you. >

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