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Good afternoon! I was up late Monday night going to National Championship game with Lori and my family. I’m a Georgia Boy and the Georgia Bulldogs didn’t win, but it was one of the most amazing and exciting football games I’ve ever been to. And it made me admire Nick Saban. I was just in awe of how intelligent he is about the game of football and how he has plans and strategies and backups.

Waking up this morning, it really made me think about strategies and plans. And then I began to think about strategies and plans in regards to our business. Then I began to think about the amazing people that have joined our business and the ones that are coming to the table new everyday to join our company. And the biggest question that I get, and the biggest thing to ponder, is why some succeed and some don’t. So I began to ponder that whole idea of what did Curt & Lori do? What did Jeff Roberti do? What did Wendy Campbell do? What did Deanna Christofferson, Katherine Lee, Bob & Sue Burdick do? What did they do when they made the decision that this is going to be the residual income for my family forever? What did they do to buckle down and build a business they wanted to build?

And so I’m thinking about all of these things. What kind of changes could Nick Saban have made at halftime? Who in the world would have thought he would have pulled his amazing starting quarterback? Every Alabama fan there had on a number 2 jersey! He pulls the guy that’s their stud player and goes to plan B. The strategy is so important! What did we do?

I realized almost instantly that what we did was we realized what we had and there was a fear of missing out that kicked in. They call it #fomo: fear of missing out. And how that manifested itself for us was we realized the amazing place and niche that Juice Plus+ filled, not only in our life, but in the world. And you know I’m thinking about Juice Plus+ and someone says, “I already take vitamins.” And that’s just such a terrible answer because they don’t understand.

But I need to go back a little bit in time and help you understand how amazing our opportunity is and then I’ll get back to the vitamin issue for a minute. You all know I’m a gadget nut. I’ve every iPhone since they came out. I’ve had iPads, tablets. I’ve got the airpods in my ears right now as work to deliver this message to you.

In June 2007, when the iPhone first came out, do you know what our world didn’t need? It didn’t need another phone. We had flip phones and palm pilots and Blackberries prior to the iPhone. The phone was evolving. We had amazing communication tools. And if you really bring it down to just basic phone abilities, the Blackberry was was a much better device than the iPhone. It had perfect phone ability, speaker phone, keyboard, text, email. It was the perfect communication tool. But what Apple realized was that we didn’t need another phone. So the iPhone wasn’t the newest, latest, greatest phone. It was called the iPhone, but Apple realized there was a gap, a void in the marketplace that no one was filling. There was a huge need.

Because even before the iPhone came out, we lived in a world that was so full of busyness. You had families with kids who had sports practices until all hours of the night. You had people who were commuting an hour each way per day, in addition to working 8 hours per day. So everybody was busy. Everybody was trying to find time to sleep. What everyone had that worked was a phone and a computer. Whether is was a phone at their desk, a flip phone in their pocket, a phone at home….everybody had one. We had phones that worked and we had computers that worked. But what we didn’t have was a way to be mobile with a computer in the midst of our busyness, so there was a crisis. So Apple didn’t come out with a new phone. They came out with a pocket computer. And you don’t hear that told very much, but it brought emails and the web and all of the apps…corporate, personal, private, ministry, non-profit. It brought all of the things that previously we could only do at our desks, to allow us to do them wherever we are. That innovation is what will probably make the iPhone known as the gadget of the century, certainly the gadget of the decade. Even now, each new iPhone is the gadget of the year because they are making mobile commuting better.

Back to the vitamin illustration. I got excited about the phone because it was a mobile computer. I didn’t get excited about a phone. You can’t get excited about Juice Plus+ if you think it’s a vitamin. It’s not a vitamin. The last thing the world needs is another vitamin. We don’t need more vitamins to solve a problem. There are plenty of them. There have been vitamins around forever. Many companies will sell you a case that holds a month worth of pills that is enormous. So if you think Juice Plus+ is another vitamin, you can’t get excited about it.
What I realized was that Lori & I, and all of the others that have built such amazing business with our Juice Plus+ Company, at some point in time, realized what we had. For Lori & I, it was in the first month. We realized that we had a business that had a new gadget, a new something we could sell. It had already proven to be beneficial to our health and with 3 kids running around like crazy, knowing we didn’t eat enough fruits and vegetables it made sense. Every family has health issues. Every generation wants to be healthier than the one before. You want your kids to be healthier than you and you realize that we need to eat more fruits and vegetables. Once you realize that Juice Plus+ is not a vitamin, but a breakthrough that fills a gap with our eating problem.

We have a mobile lifestyle eating problem. We’re busy. We travel. We don’t live on farms, we don’t grow our own food as our grandparents did. We don’t have hours every day to sit around a cook foods. We live in a mobile world where we have an eating crisis and a new phone or a new bottle of vitamins doesn’t solve it. So someone has to come up with a new product category that fills the gap.

Along come Jay Martin and Smokey Santillo and all of the research & things that have brought Juice Plus+ to the forefront. It wasn’t just a new phone. It was a mobile eating solution of Jetson food, food in a capsule. It’s not a vitamin. It’s 30 fruits and vegetables that we grow, that we dried in a way that we have patented, that we put in a capsule to solve a crisis. Not to give people another vitamin. And the research proves that it works. I could go on and on. I’m not a doctor to explain to you how amazing Juice Plus+ is. But it’s not a vitamin. It’s got enzymes in it. It’s a whole food, not fragmented food. There are all kinds of things I could tell you, but a lot of you reading this may know more about that than I do. But what I can tell you is that because of that, I have a business today that celebrates its 30th anniversary with the company on January 14. And we have a business today that exists and thrives in an unbelievable way because we understood that in the beginning. In the first 2 months we probably talked to 300 people and told them that we had joined a company that has recognized a void in the market, created a product that is not a vitamin. They created a new category of healthy living that is going to bless you and your family. And this business was was going to explode 30 years ago and it still exploding today.

So if you’re going to have success in 2018, at some point in time, your energy level in your conversations while talking to people needs to be at the iPhone level. You’re not joining a business to sell a new phone, if you’re selling iPhones. You’re joining a business to sell a product that has made computing and technology mobile. It’s not a new phone. The phone is the smallest piece of the game.

With Juice Plus+, you’re not joining another vitamin company. You’re joining a company that has revolutionized helping us eat better in a mobile world. It fills the gap between what you do eat and what you should eat. And everybody needs to fill that gap because we all need to try to eat better.

It’s not about the fact that we’ve had conversations. It’s about the fact that we’ve had conversations and we knew what we had. I don’t think very many of you know what you have in the terms of this company and this product. How many people can be an independent business owner and have health insurance and an expense allowance and tuition reimbursement? You don’t have a boss! Is that not unbelievable?! If you’ll figure that out, the dynamic of your conversations will change. And you’re going to want to have more conversations because you’ll want to tell people how amazing the business you’re in is. If you have that conversation 300 times in the next 60 days, it’s a game changer. Know what you have. Share what you have. Build it together.

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