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When you really decide to sit down and “be thankful” during this season of the year, are things missing from your list? Have you even made a list? As I ponder my list for 2014 many things stand out. A few of those things are God’s unconditional love, my family’s health (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health), the vacations and memories we made, our new lake house for family hangouts, business growth to create residual income beyond belief, new relationships, my hunting retreat with my FCA friends, a renewed online business presence and team (Kevin, Beth & Spring), a new urban farm in Atlanta with Bret Bowlin…and even more.

I wanted to share a few of mine with you because I think it is healthy to think ahead and I want to get you thinking. Maybe it’s a little too late for you this Thanksgiving, but instead of waiting to make last minute New Year’s resolutions between Christmas and year end, ask yourself a question: What do I want to be thankful for in November 2015?

Some things happen beyond your control, but you can make sure that many of the things that are missing this year are on your Gratitude list next year.

There are many things that just push my hot button. All of them involve blessings, growth, healing, expansion, fun, and fresh starts with awesome relationships at the core and as the foundation.

I have no idea what you might have on your list to make sure you can be thankful for next year, but if that list includes growing closer to God, a stronger marriage, owning your own business, a healthier life, fun in the outdoors, running or time at the lake, let’s talk. It would get me pumped to think that I could have played a small role in adding one of these things to your Thankful list for 2015….for that I would be grateful.

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