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Curt Beavers and friend, Dr. Tim Elmore

Curt Beavers and friend, Dr. Tim Elmore

I recently had the opportunity to appear on the Growing Leaders Podcast with my friend, Dr. Tim Elmore. We talked about how to help millennial entrepreneurs succeed, covering topics such as:

  • time management
  • meaning as the new money
  • strategies for honing their skills before graduation
  • connecting with a career they’re passionate about
  • the role technology plays in leadership
  • and much more…

Tim and I are both passionate about the next generation and want very much to encourage and empower them to be successful in life and leadership. I always enjoy our conversations, and this one was no different. Take about 30 minutes and check out the podcast.  Once you do, feel free to come back here and share your thoughts, ask questions, etc.

Click the image or headline below to be taken to the post on the Growing Leaders website, or you can click on the Growing Leaders Podcast link here or in the first sentence to be taken to the podcast feed in iTunes.

How to Help Millennial Entrepreneurs Succeed: Podcast #37

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