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gurley girlsI have been in awe of the energy and excitement that Todd Gurley brought to fans everywhere I turn. Yes, I am a GA Tech graduate and have bled white and gold all my life. Never to leave my true allegiance for my alma mater, but the red and black thing is all over my family (I’m digging it a little too!).  My oldest son Trey and his wife Katie graduated while barking, and my daughter Hope is a #gurleygirl. She is begging for season tickets from “daddy”. I love college football, and pull for the DAWGS as long as they aren’t playing GA TECH. Who couldn’t love and wish nothing but the best from Todd Gurley. He has incredible God given talent, and my prayer is that he will give Him all the glory!!!!

I decided to write this post, not because I am a 100% UGA convert, but because of the intersection of explosive business growth and the returned energy of college football. Moms from all over are focusing on getting their families back to school, and there is great intention this year to put some healthier stuff into their kids. This past weekend at the lake, I ran  into Gurley moms and Gurley girls of all ages. They were talking about the DAWGS, hash tagging #gurleygirl all over social media and talking all about back to school too. The moms were on a mission to get their kids off to a healthy start, whether toddlers or college kids. The college girls, including my daughter, are worried about the dreaded “freshman 15”.IMG 0569

The intersection was at the point of “greatness”. Great moms do great things for their kids. Great athletes do incredible things on the field. And great companies do great things and give back. I just signed up to run at the St. Jude Marathon event in December. Our company gives back and is the sponsor of that event in Memphis. Recently, they also decided to give back in another way to help moms. The Children’s Health Foundation now makes our product FREE for kids ages 4-college with parent participation. Dr. Bill Sears (leading authority on children’s health in America) was even on ABC news this past week talking about everybody “going nuts”. He is on the advisory board of our foundation too!

Are you are a mom going nuts over back to school and want all the help you can get? The foundation can help your child get their best nutrition for FREE!

Find Out How Your Family Can Get it FREE!


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