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I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the Tuesday morning men’s gathering at my church, Grace Fellowship in Snellville, GA. We’ve been using the Five Capitals model and I was asked to talk about Physical Capital and the important role nutrition plays. Even though this was not a sales pitch for Juice PLUS+, it is amazing how much of what I do to inspire healthy living around the world ties in directly with this principle of making a wise investment of your physical capital.

I hope you enjoy this video and please feel free to share it with anyone you think might benefit from hearing this message.

Here’s a little background, from the website, on the Five Capitals model:

An Integrated, Full, and Impactful Life

How do we discover, solidify and go after these three things? What does it look like to consistently live out a life that’s integrated, full, and impactful?It starts with our priorities, how we view them and live them out. To help participants assess and sort out the priorities of life – we help them discern the “capital” they have in their life. Where do they have time, resources, insights, experiences, relationships to invest to truly and intentionally go after what they desire for their life?This framework (or concept) is called the Five Capitals and is outlined below.

What Are the Five Capitals?

  1. Spiritual: How much faith do you have to invest?
  2. Relational: How much relational equity do you have to invest?
  3. Physical: How much time and energy do you have to invest?
  4. Intellectual: What intellect, skill sets, and competencies do you have to invest?
  5. Financial: What financial resources do you have to invest?

These are listed in order of priority. The problem is that most everyone has put these in a different order, often putting Financial Capital first. Through Five Capitals Coaching, participants learn practical ways to arrange and keep the capitals in the priority that Jesus teaches, as well as learning Biblical tools and paradigms to apply to every area of life.

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