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The Beavers Family has over 100 years combined experience inspiring healthy living around the world with The Juice Plus+ Company.



Leading and equipping tens of thousands of team members around the world in 25+ countries.



Inspiring hundreds of thousands of people around the world with a message of hope and healthy living.

Curt Beavers

Curt Beavers

National Marketing Director

Curt is a graduate of Georgia Tech. He and his wife Lori are the proud parents of three amazing children; Trey, Hope, and Zach. Trey is married to Katie.

Curt and his family love working to inspire healthy living around the world together with a phenomenal group of people from all 50 states and 26 countries. He started with a $50 investment (working from home) to find a way for his wife, Lori, to be a stay-at-home mom before the birth of their first child. Now, they’ve built a business with millions in sales.

Curt believes that God has blessed he and his family with amazing relationships. Those relationships have allowed them to build a great business and help thousands of others do the same. They’ve shared the Kingdom and impacted families by working with them to help them experience both time and financial freedom. This has allowed Curt to live out his vision to “make a life, not just a living.”

Curt is passionate about fatherhood and co-authored a book about it with his good friend, and New Your Times Best-Selling author, Tommy Newberry. I Call Shotgun is a series of letters written from each man to their sons and covers principles such as courage, compassion, faith, finances, hard work, humility, patriotism and peer pressure.


David Beavers

David Beavers

National Marketing Director

David grew up in Atlanta, Georgia where he was born in 1947. He attended Dykes High School, then went on to graduate from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee in 1969 with a major in History.


After Vanderbilt, David joined the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ, working with college students throughout the Southeast. In 1973, he and his family moved to Dallas, Texas where he spent the next four years at Dallas Theological Seminary, earning a Th.M (Master’s of Theology) in 1977. He was ordained as a minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA), and served in churches in Nashville and Clearwater, Florida. From 1983-87 he directed a counseling and teaching ministry known as The Word on Your Family, based in Nashville.

In 1988, David made a career move from the ministry and counseling by joining his family, Curt and Jackie Beavers, in their new business venture with The Juice Plus+ Company.

In 1996, David and his wife, Sally, were married. Together they have six children and eight grandchildren.

Today, David spends the bulk of his days coaching and training hundreds of men and women within his business organization across America.


Jackie Beavers

Jackie Beavers

National Marketing Director

The Old Testament story of a destitute widow changed the life of Jackie Beavers, and it can change yours too. Like the widow, Jackie was a single mother of two boys. She had no job and no marketable skills. It appeared that Jackie and her sons were destined to live at the mercy of society.


But Jackie had a passion that her boys would not grow up in poverty. She took a minimum-wage job at a paint store, and she continued to reach out to God through prayer and scripture reading. Then, she read the story of the widow told in 2 Kings 4, and she immediately knew that it had been written for her. Through the prophet Elisha, God helped the widow identify God’s gift to her—a little bit of oil. Then he called her to pour out the only thing she had. When she obeyed, God responded miraculously.

If the WHY to is strong enough, the HOW to will come.

Inspired by the story, Jackie began to pour from her emptiness, and instantly God’s fulfilling grace flowed into her life. In thirty years she hasn’t stopped pouring, and God hasn’t stopped refilling.

The Juice Plus+ Company has given her the ability to pursue her dreams and see God provide beyond her what she ever thought possible.


Image of book cover for I Call Shotgun

Curt's Book: I Call Shotgun

Shooting from the heart, Tommy Newberry and Curt Beavers—men of faith, influencers, entrepreneurs, and battle-tested dads themselves—offer an engaging, highly personal collection of potent insights, a just-in-time antidote to the empty counterfeits that today’s culture tries to pass off as wisdom. At the end of each chapter, simple yet carefully crafted questions invite deeper conversations between dads and sons. Relevant to any man, but especially tailored for fathers and their teen or pre-teen sons, I Call Shotgun will help you to instill character in the boys who are growing into men right before your eyes—and it might just sharpen your own character in the process.

Image of book cover for Letters to Jonathan

David's Book: Letters to Jonathan

Jonathan Goodson had it all: beautiful wife, wonderful children, elegant home, successful career. They became his confession of an affair with a younger married woman that cost him everything. Homeless, deserted, his life in ruins, Jonathan was ready to end it all when he was rescued from the darkness by the unconditional love of his uncle Saul. Saul’s letters had once been guideposts to Jonathan as a star athlete, seminary standout and promising young pastor. Now, combining biblical scholarship and unflinching horse sense, Saul’s letters to Jonathan once more bring hope and wisdom into his life. Letters to Jonathan is the story of a life rewritten its honesty will shock you. it’s message will transform you.

Image of book cover for Pour for More

Jackie's Book: Pour for More

A reviewer wrote: This book is a testimony to God’s grace and redeeming love, and to Jackie Beavers’ faith and courage. She is a remarkable woman of God, Christian mother, and successful business woman. This book is beautifully and movingly written. Her labor of love, it gives inspirational insights into how God can lift up a faithful believer like Jackie from the depths of despair. Jackie tells her story of brokenness to receiving God’s grace in a genuine, heartfelt way. Everyone can identify with her struggles, internal and external, and how God used these trials to bring Jackie to a greater knowledge of God’s faithfulness. She continues to pour herself out to others, impacting the world for Christ.

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