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We live in a culture of buying and selling where most companies over promise and under deliver in order to “get the sale”. You’ll see many of these companies and products have bursts of success, like the pet rock, but there’s no longevity and stability. Regularly, we get sucked into something because it seems too good to be true. If it seems too good to be true…it probably is.

My biggest nemesis seems to be the app store. I love my gadgets and I’m always looking for a better way to manage my calendar, organize my contacts, or communicate with my team. The app store culture has created a culture where there is something new everyday. Plus, they are all relatively cheap. So when something is cheap and looks good I am sucked in. There is no telling how many calendar apps I have purchased that no longer even exist on my iPhone, iPad, or computer. That low cost threshold gets me every time. I could have probably purchased a car with the cumulative purchases of apps I no longer use. THAT’S CRAZY, but the whole world has been sucked in. That’s not the customer experience any of us really want, is it?

There are, though, some that I have stuck with now for years and continue to get great results. Apps like Evernote, Dropbox, Bible, and others just keep me engaged. I think this is primarily because of a few things:

  • A Great Initial Experience
  • Delivering on their promises
  • Great Customer Service (not just email)
  • Community of great users sharing ideas
  • Real Results from using the product

There is a big difference in products that we love and become fans of and those that seemed good at first glance, but that don’t have staying power. That’s probably never been more true than in the industry of nutrition. Everyone seems to have the newest “magic bullet” that will be the perfect solution to the nutrition and diet crisis that our country has created.

Since I am in that industry with our product, Juice PLUS+, this hits close to home. In all honestly, we try to make the customer experience job #1. In our case, we do this first by not trying to reinvent mother nature. We don’t sell a product containing some element from 30,000 feet below the sea that humans would never have had access to when God created us. Instead, we make a whole-food supplement containing real fruits and vegetables available in the right variety, quantity, and quality that helps bridge the gap between what we should eat and what we actually consume. We also deliver whole-food, fast, to a busy culture. That’s not burgers and fries I’m talking about, it’s COMPLETE nutrition.

And that’s just the beginning. All of our customers have a 100% money back guarantee, they receive top customer support, and they are invited into a community of like-minded individuals who are using our product(s) to start their road to better health. Juice PLUS+ bridges that nutrition gap and is the catalyst for an opportunity to Live Life to the PLUS+.

It starts with our product, but that’s just the beginning of the journey to a healthier you. Our experienced leaders, along with the community you will be a part of will walk with you step by step to help and encourage you to create the results you desire. It’s really easy when you focus on  ONE SIMPLE CHANGE at a time.

Our goal is your overwhelming excitement about the experience you have had with our products, our people, and your new potential. This should encourage you to SHARE your story, which comes back full circle to inspire the next person to healthier living with our products and the community that you so love!

The bottom line is that a great customer experience counts for everything in business. Without it, you won’t have a business, but with it, you have a winning formula. It’s a win-win scenario.

And that’s a great experience.

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