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Life is where job and purpose converge

“Your job is what you’re paid for, your purpose is what you were created for.” -Dr. Howard Hendricks

The struggle for life and work balance is real! You see it every day if you participate in rush hour from your car. You see people leaving their homes before the first family conversation, and returning exhausted to eat and go to bed. We build a lifestyle and job to match. The problem is our culture goes after the lifestyle instead of the life they desire.

I have found a solution to solve this dynamic. To bring this chaotic life to a place of a desirable life requires a paradigm shift. You must decide that the life you want to create is not connected to the number of hours you work. Sometimes our jobs are in alignment with the life we desire to craft, but in most cases, our jobs keep us from that life.

You can make a life, instead of a living, when your work (what you are paid for) and your purpose (what you were created for) find each other. What do I mean by that? The way in which you generate income must become a foundation for the life you were created to live, not its competitor. In order to begin pursuing your purpose with passion, you must stop trading hours for dollars at some point in your life. Please don’t wait until you retire! Most of your ability to live life to the plus is already gone at that point.

You see there is another sub-culture of financial advisors that encourage you to work more so that you can save more. Build your nest egg so that you can retire and enjoy the good life. Why would you want to wait until you are in your 60’s to enjoy the good life? That would mean 20-30 years of participating in the rush hour we mentioned above. There is another option.

Robert Kiyosaki has written several books talking about the “cash flow quadrant“. In them, he presents the idea that you have a choice to own a business that allows you to stop being the “hands on the steering wheel”. Think about a taxi driver. His income would come to a complete halt the minute he doesn’t sit behind the wheel. A surgeon, when not in the operating room, isn’t making any money. You must build a business that generates income without you having to invest all of yourself, all of the time.

There were many working at Wal-Mart over the past decade because they were relying on a “nest egg” instead of having built a business. Even making a living and saving for retirement is subject to economic cycles. I don’t know how you can make sure your financial security during your retirement years doesn’t fall during one of the next recessions unless you’re building your life now.

My wife and I built a virtual franchise with a $50 investment that now operates in over 20 countries around the world. It generates income whether we are at home, or at the lake, and even while we sleep. You have to choose the right vehicle for you. Most importantly, build that life now. Don’t wait to retire!

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