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Coffee or Elevator Music? Are you making a life?

If you’re like most people, the majority of your daily allotment of 24 hours is spent sleeping and working. Both are very important…especially 6-8 hours of good sleep per day. The 40-60 hours spent working each week can complement our life, or it can be in constant competition with the life we desire to live. Less sleep is not a choice if we want to have good health, but the work we choose should provide sanity and a path to our purpose.

Let me explain this a bit more. If you spend 40-60 hours each week in a job that keeps you from the life you want to live, and it’s merely a huge amount of time invested in a paycheck….you will experience conflict. Yes, we all want to make money and provide a lifestyle for our families, but when the paycheck itself is the only goal (benefit), the victory can be very empty. God designed and wired you to do great things. We are all at our happiest and we thrive when we are in pursuit of those great things. Your work may already be a catalyst towards that end. But, it could be the thing that’s keeping you from having any time or resources to head in that direction.

For me, the difference between pursuing your passions and just working a job is as vivid as the difference in how I respond to coffee versus how I respond to elevator music. One is part of my morning ritual, with my Bible and journal. It wakes me up and gets my motor running. The other, elevator music, has become known to put people to sleep! It’s boring music that makes you want to just get off the elevator as quickly as you got on. I think it’s similar to choosing a college-level textbook for leisurely, bedtime, reading. Snoozeville!!

I “go to work” (actually that means my basement if I’m not meeting with people) fired up because my business is on a mission and I get to work with awesome people  around the world. Not every day is perfect, but it’s a relief to know that my work doesn’t require me to trade hours for dollars. It’s also become a platform for ministry, enjoying family, building relationships, starting new ventures, and seizing Kingdom opportunities.

My first job, just one year out of school, required a 45 minute to 1 hour commute twice per day. It was actually making me crazy. I was beginning to understand and justify “road rage”. That was 10 hours per week, every week, that were basically thrown away. They were used up. Consumed. And that didn’t even include the mental and physical toll of the stress from battling traffic. I was even spending time daily plotting which route might be the least congested to go to and from work. Looking back that was truly the definition of insanity, but I kept doing it with no option in sight.

However, I had a Kairos Moment that changed all that. You can, too. Yes, you could read this as propaganda to coax you into my business. That is definitely an option for anyone that can invest a $50 start up cost, but that is not my goal in writing this. I really hope to inspire you to look at your current situation, your purpose (or WHY), and see if they are in conflict or harmony. I knew I had conflict and needed a change. I couldn’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Whether you join me in my business or find something that’s a better fit for you….do something if conflict comes up as your answer, too!

I love helping people find a solution to this problem with my business, but it equally blesses me to see that happen to every family, not just those that join our mission.

Don’t be lulled to sleep as you ride the elevator up and down. Find that rich coffee that can spark your journey towards that perfect plan God has designed for you.

The bottom line is I want YOU to be all about making a life, not just a living. If I can help you seek God’s unique purpose for you, assess your current situation, or just encourage you to take action…it would be a joy!

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