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There are so many things today that tempt us to start our own business, but it seems that most get stopped with only the idea or desire in their heads. Have you ever thought of something that needed to be invented? Seen a problem in our culture that you knew you could solve? Maybe you’ve even seen the perfect franchise or business that sparked your passion? Most of us have. The sad thing is that most of those great thoughts die as thoughts and never get planted to create the business we could see so vividly in our minds.

Why is this? For many, they only look through the traditional lens of “it takes money to make money” and they are out of the game before they start. Their idea just fades with their lack of capital to invest. Many businesses do take lots of capital to start and survive their first few years, but not all of them. I could have never started my business if I let my dreams die based on how much money I had to invest. We were a broke young couple who needed funds to survive. Our jobs barely paid the bills.

Thankfully, as we were looking at our options we discovered that it wasn’t only about investing money. There were two other major assets that could be invested. The first is obvious, and we all have equal amounts of it. TIME. The other was a sleeper and became the fast ball, served up right across the middle of the plate for us. RELATIONAL CAPITAL. You might be thinking, “What is that? What does that mean?”

When you realize that each of us has a network of relationships that can take us to places we could never go alone…you can hit a GRAND SLAM. We couldn’t invest in a traditional franchise (too much upfront cost), but franchising made sense (brand name, duplicable, proven model). So, we found a virtual franchise we could start for $50 that only needed our TIME and RELATIONAL CAPITAL to make it work.

There were no territories, no start-up costs, nor any other requirements that we couldn’t deliver. The product, Juice PLUS+, made sense because it was universally needed and solved a crisis in our culture today. Everyone is thinking about wellness, diet, health care, obesity, etc. The company, The Juice PLUS+ Company, was sound, stable, growing, and had products backed by clinical research.

All we did was begin to share our passion for the product and the business. We were willing to dig into our RELATIONAL CAPITAL with TIME to bring others into our MISSION. The company was not totally focused on the model of being product-driven or business-driven. Instead, they chose to focus on a common MISSION, Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World, and bringing the right people into the movement. We used a more traditional model of starting conversations and getting face to face with people, but today it happens even faster because of the power of SOCIAL MEDIA and the INTERNET.

It was, and still is, so much more than selling, though! We were committed to helping our customers achieve their desired results instead of just making a sale. This led to a viral growth of RELATIONAL CAPITAL. We were no longer just working from our own TIME and RELATIONSHIPS but now we are an army of people who have more TIME and RELATIONAL CAPITAL than we did before. Plus, we’ve bettered our lives and the lives of thousands others because of we invested a little RELATIONAL CAPITAL by sharing something we were excited about with people we knew. If I used today’s world to compare, it would be like a video on YouTube going viral. Each family we touched shared it with another family. Before we knew it, the investment of RELATIONAL CAPITAL had taken our $50 and a vision to 50 states and over 20 countries. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine this.

This one act of stewardship over our RELATIONAL CAPITAL has allowed thousands of families the opportunity to MAKE A LIFE, not just a living.

Don’t let one asset, FINANCIAL CAPITAL, keep you from investing your RELATIONAL CAPITAL and TIME to build the business you’ve always dreamed of. Investing these two can build the FINANCIAL CAPITAL that is not present now.

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