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As the political landscape seems to be blossoming like azaleas at the Masters in the spring, we can learn lots of lessons. Just listening to debates, interviews and public appearances we can understand a lot about those that want to lead us. My number one take away so far is:

Politicians don’t answer important questions! They shift and squirm in order to change the conversation to something they can answer to impress.

This just drives me absolutely crazy. If I ran my life, family, and business this way it would be a disaster, and there would be no clarity or focus.

Leaders always answer the important questions so that they can move themselves and others forward, grow and be wise.

You really don’t want to be a politician trying to lead others with answers only to the questions that you like! You want to be a leader answering the tough questions in order to break new ground.

That’s the number one reason our coaching program is designed around only three questions each month. Yes, you will dig deeper and make a plan of action with your coach, but the whole process revolves around your willingness to thoroughly answer just three questions. If you change the questions to make your answers impress, don’t bother. Thorough, honest answers will allow you to make this month better than last, and hopefully the best month ever!

So which is it for you? Are you a leader, or a politician?

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